Our Directors

it took Decades to build the name
Kaushik Orthopaedic Pvt. Ltd. (KOPL)

Late Mr. B.M. Kaushik


Late Mr. BM Kaushik established this company in 1989 with confidence and tenacity. He has a lot of expertise working in the medical device sector. He invented hip nail for the first time in India. He was affable, decent, and served as a helpful resource for the entire Kaushik Orthopaedic staff.

Mr. Arun Kaushik


Managing Director with over thirty-four years of expertise in Orthopaedic equipment & implants. Mr. Arun Kaushik has a vibrant personality, and his tenacious business acumen is a strength. He is serving as a catalyst for the realization of the organization's vision, goals, and direction, thanks to his intelligence and knowledge. His enthusiasm and capacity for problem-solving are impressive.

Mr. Shashi Kaushik


A Marketing Director with over thirty years of experience for a number of divisions, including finance and marketing, he is responsible for overall management, strategic planning, and policy choices. Additionally, Mr. Shashi Kaushik actively contributes to the company's growth and problem-solving through creative concepts and global representation. He has an established track record of building and implementing highly Impacted Digital Marketing Strategies for expansion into various vertical markets worldwide.